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Medical Prescription Skincare from an authorised Clinic

ZO prescription skincare Newmarket clinic

Congratulations on your recent decision to join the ZO Prescription Skincare revolution!

Please read this to ensure you get the best out of your treatments...

We are proud to be an authorised clinic for this fabulous prescription skincare range and are confident you will love it as much as we do. Knowing these products are actively accessing and working on the living cells as opposed to the dead cells that cosmetic products target, is very exciting and we love the feedback we regularly get from patients about how much healthier and fresher their skin is. Please find enclosed your prescription and custom ZO Protocol which gives details of how to use your products. 


Points to remember:

Your skin will get worse before it gets better – We are anticipating a period of resistance to these new products. The skin cells will go through a process of being “woken up” and reactivated. They may initially be reluctant to do so which might present as dryness, itchiness, peeling or flaking. These reactions most commonly occur between weeks 2-4 but can occur any time in the first 2 cycles (28-60 days each). If this is the case, please persevere with the protocol and resist the temptation to add in old moisturisers or other products. If necessary, cut back on the use of the exfoliating polish and/or toning pads to reduce reactions and then increase when better tolerated. Contact us if you feel your reactions are beyond what you expected or are causing your discomfort.

Old/new issues might arise – Issues like pigmentation, melasma and signs of previous sun damage may start to surface as you use the products. This is normal, expected and evidence of how well the protocol is working to pull up those deep skin layers. Don’t panic! These issues will fade as you continue to use the products and we can introduce issue-specific products to assist. Please book a review if you have concerns.

Allergic reactions are rare BUT - Don’t hesitate to contact the clinic if you are concerns or believe you have an allergy. Discontinue products if you believe an allergic reaction has occurred, take an antihistamine and contact us, or A&E if swelling occurs or breathing is impaired. Do inform us of any medication changes.

Sunscreen is non-negotiable – UV and screen exposure not only damages the existing skin but also affects the way the skin cells work and create new cells. These harmful rays destroy elastin, collagen and hyaluronic acid in the skin and slow the production of these essential elements. Whilst UVB rays (B for burning) are strongest in hot weather UVA rays (A for ageing) are present regardless of sun exposure or cloud cover. Prescription skincare will make your skin more vulnerable to harmful rays and exposure to these harmful rays will undo the benefits of the increased elastin, collagen, and HA production. Please use SPF 50 sunscreen (that includes UVA, UVB, HEV and IR-A protection) all year round, whatever the weather, indoors and outdoors. 

Attending regular reviews will help you to get the best from your treatment – We recommend a 6-week review at the beginning and quarterly reviews for at least the next year to ensure that you are always using the most appropriate product. If you have other treatments with us, we can review your ZO prescription skincare at the same time.


If you want exclusive ZO updates, offers and the ability to place your orders for re-prescriptions online; please sign up to our Spaces App from your online login and request membership to the ZO Members Club.

Now to get started on your ZO Journey, watch the video below....

Getting Started with ZO Skincare - How to use your products

Getting Started with ZO Skincare - How to use your products

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