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Bruxism, jaw pain, face slimming injections - The Medical Skin Clinic Newmarket


Bruxism is a condition whereby the patient grips or grinds their teeth, usually during the night. This can lead to significant damage to teeth, pain in lower and upper jaw, neck pain, headaches and migraines. It can also lead to a bulky appearance to the lower jaw muscles known as the masseter. 

Whilst many clinics offer injections to weaken the muscle responsible for grinding, they do not take steps to protect the teeth and position of the jaw which can be compromised by both the affect of Bruxism and by the injections to treat the condition. We take a 2 step approach to inject the muscle and protect the teeth with a custom made night guard or "teeth shield."



The muscle of the lower jaw known as the masseter is injected with a drug that reduces the movement of the muscle. As the muscle is weakened, the patient is less inclined to grind or clench their teeth. 

Treatment can be repeated every 6 months but often the issue is habitual and for some, a single treatment alongside the night guard, is enough to prevent the reoccurrence of the issue.


Alongside your injections, you will have impressions taken by our Dental Aesthetician. These will be sent to the dental lab to cast a comfortable, soft silicone night guard that is worn on the upper and lower teeth at night.

This device will help to set the jaw in the optimal position and prevent damage to the surfaces of the teeth caused when residual clenching or grinding occurs.


The reduction in muscle movement will reduce the bulk of the muscle of the lower jaw, the masseter. As a result the lower face will appear slimmer and the jaw, less bulky.

Some will opt to have the treatment for this reason alone and see a significant change in their face shape, when repeated treatments are administered.


Jawline slimming masseter injections
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"After visiting the same clinic for years and not always being satisfied, I decided to give Chrissie and her clinic a visit. I am so pleased I did! Great service, loads of knowledge and the best results I've had in a long time. I will definitely be back!"


"A positive and friendly experience. Talked through everything and made me feel very comfortable before, during and after my treatment. Highly recommend. : )"



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