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Lip Fillers - The Medical skin

Perfect for restoring lost volume and enhancing shape.

From £350 per ml

sagging-jawline-neck-lift- The Medical S

Refresh and remodel lax and sagging skin, boosting hyaluronic acid and collagen.


From £300

neck treatment jowls

We have a variety of options for even the most difficult to treat areas.
Prices typically £300 - £1600

Fat dissolving injections - The Medical SKin clinic

Melt away stubborn pockets of fat with deoxycholate injections.

From £400 per area

botox-injection-treatment-The Medical Skin Clinic

Prices from £300

Dermal fillers to cheeks - the Medical Skin clinic

Our professional team is a combination of procedures to achieve a fresher look, without surgery.
Typical price from £600-£3000

non surgical rhinopasty, liquid nose job - The Medical SK

Improve the appearance of the nose with no surgical downtime.

From £450

Sunekos dark circle treatment

Great for treating the under eye area and regenerating volume loss.

From £240 per session

Under eye tear trough dermal fillers

We offer a variety of options to refresh tired looking eyes


From £300

jowls lift - The Medical SKin Clinic Newmarket

We can lift jowls and define jawlines with specialist treatments and procedures.

Prices typically £600 - £1500

Puppet mouth Treatment - the medical skin clinic

Smooth and lift lines around the mouth to restore a youthful appearance.

Typically £150 - £500

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